Tour Overview

All your training in one place

Training shouldn?t be difficult.  Users can quickly access all training resources from one screen, including videos, articles and courses.

Rapidly create and publish your courses

Searchable, stand-alone content is great for need-it-now training.  But sometimes users need a more comprehensive understanding.
Simply add or create a course outline, articles, screencams, and quizzes to build your own courses — all from your browser.  Easy, done.

Ensure users retain what they learned

Easily create quizzes to make sure your content is really getting understood users. Or, use quizzes (and the results, of course) as a path to certification.

Allow users to instantly find solutions

Make course content available as searchable, bite-sized articles and videos that can be quickly found when they are needed.
As a user types, relevant videos and articles are found in real-time.

Searchable, on-demand videos and articles

Videos and screencams can be viewed within courses or individually and start playing the instant a user clicks on one: think YouTube for training.

Reporting and metrics that matter

Always know what information your users are accessing just by running a report or two.
With KeyStone OnDemand, you always know what information your users have found and the progress they’re making through specific courses by using our intuitive reports to gather your business intelligence.

User level and drill-down reporting

You can run customized reports showing user progress on any or all courses with KeyStone OnDemand. Interested in the progress of a specific group, or just one user? You can run that report, too.

Easily communicate to all your users

Remind users of relevant content updates, announcements through automatic workflow notifications.
KeyStone OnDemand’s workflow feature allows you to automate group-specific notifications, such as course completion reminders or a notice about newly added content.

Business Intelligence Meets Training

KeyStone OnDemand’s Portal Activity Report shows you everything users are doing in the system including what content they viewed, which courses they viewed and even search terms that have been entered.