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User Adoption

Users that know your app, use your app. Do they really know it?

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User Retention

Retention is decided by the organization. Does it recognize the value of your app?

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Build Community

Microsoft™, Apple™ and Cisco™ do it. Certification paths build communities of passionate, expert users who tell others.

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Business Intelligence

Build a better app by analyzing training and support activity — Better data, better apps.

What is it?

KeyStone OnDemand is a training platform that merges the best Learning Management System (LMS), Knowledge Base and Self-Service features into a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to increase user adoption, loyalty and retention of custom applications through training.

How do you use it?

Import existing content, while building a library of screencast and resources using the browser-based tools built-in.
Develop your own training and certification paths. Course and activity reporting, easy-to-manage permissions, integration ? it?s all there.

Why do you need it?

KeyStone OnDemand increases adoption, loyalty to and retention of your apps through training, self-help resources and certification credentials.
Course reports and activity tracking gives your team factual data to adapt to user training needs and make informed decisions related to your apps.